Sim City Music

Long before I even knew the definition of economics, I was an avid gamer. While I don’t play Sim City regularly anymore, I still have nostalgia over its music. Here are two of my favorites, and I listen to them on the occasion.


Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

While I love games and economics, it’s a good idea to venture out. So Friday is going to be a bit of everything else I enjoy conveniently labeled as media.

Taking place in WW2, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is a tale about the complex relationship between British PoWs and their Japanese guards. Written, directed, and produced by both British and Japanese film makers, the movie is at times, an odd mixture of two very different cultures and acting philosophies. But this peculiarity is fitting as Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is very much about men coping with their cultural differences and building friendships.

The film is available on Netflix through online streaming. After watching the film, be sure to revisit the movie’s hauntingly beautiful score composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto who also plays a major role in the film. You can find the movie score on Youtube by searching “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.”